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Mission & Vision

Our Mission

The primary goal of the Department of Economics Stamford University is to impart quality education to the graduate and undergraduate students of Economics and to prepare them as the future economists, development practitioners and researchers to serve the country to the best of their ability. Apart from teaching, the department aims at pursuing research and disseminating the outcome of the researches among the academics and persons associated with academic pursuits. To fulfil the primary objective, there are some specific objectives which are listed below:


To provide knowledge of economic theories and their application to the real world situation.

To make the students aware of future economic challenges and prospects.

To broaden their knowledge about national policies and government decisions that affect the economy.

To develop expertise in different statistical software and mathematical tools to enable them to participate in rigorous research.

To prepare students to become future leaders in their respective professions by providing them with necessary knowledge and analytical skills.

To promote knowledge exchange among renowned scholars, professionals, researchers, teachers, and students through public lectures, seminars, and sharing sessions.

To cultivate in students principles of ethics and social responsibilities by arranging awareness raising programs.


Our Vision

To produce competent graduates equipped with sufficient economics, mathematical and statistical knowledge to excel in research as well as non-research fields both nationally and globally.



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