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About Department of Economics

The Department of Economics at the Stamford University Bangladesh has completed a decade long journey successfully since its establishment in 2005 under the supervision and leadership of its founder Chairman, Prof. Dr. ATM Zahurul Huq. Initially, the department started Bachelor program (four years) with few students aiming at a quality education in Economics. Masters’ degree in Economics has been introduced after a couple of years to meet the increased demand of the students. At present, nearly 100 students are studying in the department. Five full-time faculties, as well as some experienced teachers from reputed universities, are engaged as part-time teachers in the department. The department has been flourishing with experienced and quality teachers both for teaching and research.

The options to choose from when it comes to higher education in Bangladesh may seem many but few are on par in quality and history with Stamford.



Message from the Chairman

Dr. Md. Habibur Rahman
Professor & Chairman
Department of Economics
Stamford University Bangladesh

The Department of Economics at Stamford University Bangladesh has completed about 15 years of journey successfully since its establishment in 2005. The unique feature of the Stamford University Bangladesh is that it possesses a distinct Department of Economics equipped with highly qualified teachers offering both BSS and MSS degrees in Economics. Only a very few private universities do possess a separate Department of Economics for offering degrees. The goal of the Department of Economics is to impart quality education to graduate and undergraduate students of Economics and to prepare them as the future economists, development practitioners and researchers to serve the country to the best of their ability. To meet the goal some crucial specific objectives of the Department include providing knowledge of economic theories and their application to the real world situation, making the students aware of future economic challenges and prospects, and preparing them to become future leaders in teaching, research and administration profession by making them efficient with necessary knowledge and analytical skills.

Economics being a social science, students of Economics are groomed as economists as well as responsible citizens capable of discharging social responsibilities. They are nurtured to discharge philanthropic social responsibilities. We have students associations which ensure participation of students in extracurricular activities. They arrange seminars, quiz competitions, sports, etc. Students also take part in welfare oriented programs such as participation in anti-smoking drive, helping the poor people through distribution of warm clothes during winter, helping the disaster stricken people through giving aid, etc. By virtue of their participation in such voluntary activities, the feeling of patriotism, benevolence and humanism are instilled in the mindset of students. Because of this type of proven qualifications some of the graduates have been employed with high social responsibilities in various organizations.

We invite you as a prospective student, parent, faculty member or an interested member of the public to read our web pages and find a way to become part of the Stamford Department of Economics family. If you are interested to know more about our program, we would encourage you to visit our university website which will provide detailed information about our activities and programs. We are eager for receiving your contribution to the Department and we expect to be part of your glorious success.