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The Department of Economics at Stamford University Bangladesh is one of the leading pioneer department among all the private universities in Bangladesh. It has completed more than 18 years of the journey successfully since its establishment in 2005 under the supervision and leadership of its founder Chairman, Prof. Dr. ATM Zahurul Huq. There are a group of highly qualified and experienced faculty members with Ph.D. from reputed universities who are engaged as full-time and part-time teachers in the department.

The Department of Economics has young bright faculty members who are committed to enhancing their academic careers as well as contributing to the overall quality and development of students. All faculty members are dedicated to working closely with students to accelerate their intellectual curiosity and passion to study. Along with their outstanding teaching performance, faculty members continue to be active in academic research activities. For their accomplishments in teaching and research, the department's faculty members are reputed and well-known both domestically and internationally.

This Department offers both Bachelor of Social Science (BSS) four years and Master of Social Science (MSS) one-year programs in Economics. The core courses in Economics cover areas such as microeconomics, macroeconomics, mathematics, statistics, econometrics, international trade and finance, Bangladesh economy, development economics, labor economics, money and banking, health economics, environmental economics, and research methodology. Our courses are taught by highly educated academics, and integrate all of the basic analytical and quantitative approaches required by current economics graduates.

The department takes pleasure in being student-focused, with students being our first concern. The Department of Economics has two clubs — Social Science Study Forum (SSSF) and Stamford Economics Students Forum (SESF) which are vibrant co-curricular student organizations. Social Science Study Forum (SSSF) arranges a variety of events and activities like book buzz, debate, public lectures, seminars, & workshops to unite the student community together and highlight their abilities, as well as to involve our students and faculty members in a variety of charitable initiatives. Furthermore, Stamford Economics Students’ Forum (SESF) organizes various sports, & cultural programs, career counseling & mentoring regularly.Moreover, students are actively involved in research and data-gathering activities alongside our faculty members.

Every year the department publishes a peer-reviewed journal called "Stamford Journal of Economics" to display and promote interesting and incisive contemporary research. The Department of Economics continually works to maintain a welcoming and supportive learning environment that benefits both current students and graduates.


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