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Why Economics at Stamford ?

The Department of Economics at Stamford University Bangladesh is one of the leading pioneer department among all the private universities in Bangladesh. Many of the department's faculty members are active scholars and researchers with national and worldwide recognition in their disciplines. The Department of Economics provides a vibrant environment for teaching, learning and research. We are eager to welcome you to the department.

The Department of Economics at Stamford University Bangladesh has the following distinctive features:

Outcome-based education (OBE) guided curriculum by UGC.

Highly qualified faculty members with Ph.D.

International standard course curriculum.

National & International credit transfer facilities

Academic collaboration with several foreign universities and organizations.

Excellent placement of students in jobs and higher studies.

Spacious air-conditioned classroom with modern facilities for domestic and foreign students.

Students from foreign countries.

Modern, large, and resourceful library.

Engagement in co-curricular activities

Publication of research through department peer-reviewed journal.

Medical facilities for all students.

Social Science Study Forum (SSSF) Activities: Book buzz, Public Lectures, Seminars, & Workshops on a regular basis.

Stamford Economics Students’ Forum (SESF) Activities: Career Counselling & Mentoring, Sports, & Cultural programs on regular basis.

Description of the Undergraduate Program (BSS in Economics)

The duration of the Bachelor of Social Science (Honors.) in Economics program is four years. The Bachelor of Social Science in Economics program consists of 47 courses having 140 credit hours. There will be two semesters in each academic year and a student is expected to complete a minimum of 140 credits in eight semesters in a four-year time according to the Outcome-based education (OBE) guidelines.

The discipline has also been offering BSS degree in Economics with the objectives:

To provide profession-based education in Economics

To produce graduates having advanced up-to-date knowledge of Economics

To give knowledge regarding research

To enable the graduates how to deal with the relevant stakeholders.

To enrich common sense of the graduates so that they can analyze and solve the field problems.

Description of the Graduate Program (MSS in Economics)

The duration of Master of Social Science in Economics program is one year. It consists of 2 semesters and 42 credit hours including a 3-credit thesis.

The discipline has also been offering MSS degree in Economics with the aims:

To provide the students with a strong foundation in microeconomic and macroeconomic theory and application-oriented advanced courses in their areas of interest

Integrate economics into professional activity

Improve the use of economic instruments in real-world situations

To provide advanced knowledge in field-level data collection and survey

To teach how to prepare a research paper and conduct a seminar

Offer students the option to work in banks, development agencies as well as financial companies such as leasing and insurance, government and non-governmental organizations, and international organizations, as well as to pursue a Ph.D.


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