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Classroom Facilities

There are three well-equipped classrooms in the department for both graduate and undergraduate programs. All the classrooms are air conditioned and access to the multimedia projector in each classroom. The classroom environment is quite pleasant with no sound echo. Every room is quite spacious, and students can do their classes without facing any difficulties. The department area is under the CCTV camera monitoring and Wi-Fi coverage. The students can get the Wi-Fi network access by mobile devices and laptop.


Library Facilities

The University has a central library with a sound number of books and journals. In the central library, there are 586 books on economics. Study environment inside the library is very good.This department has a seminar library with the accommodation of 25 students. The seminar library contains various type books of economics. A well-renowned journal named the economist is kept in the library.


Computer Lab

There is a central computer laboratory in the university where regular classes or research related programs can be arranged by booking the schedule. . The central computer laboratory are always kept opened for longer times and internet connection to all the computers are available for the students can get their maximum benefit from the lab.



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