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Graduate Syllabus

Courses of Master of Social Science (MSS) in Economics:
SL No Course Code Course Title Status Credit Hr.
1 ECO 601 Advanced Microeconomics I Compulsory 3
2 ECO 602 Advanced Microeconomics II Compulsory 3
3 ECO 603 Advanced Macroeconomics I Compulsory 3
4 ECO 604 Advanced Macroeconomics II Compulsory 3
5 ECO 605 Economic Growth, Development & Planning I Compulsory 3
6 ECO 606 Economic Growth, Development & Planning II Compulsory 3
7 ECO 607 Advanced Econometrics Optional-01 3
8 ECO 608 International Economics Optional-02 3
9 ECO 609 Environmental Economics Optional-03 3
10 ECO 610 Industrial Economics Optional-04 3
11 ECO 611 Money and Finance Optional-05 3
12 ECO 612 Thesis on Selected Economic Issues Optional-06 3
13 ECO 613 Cost-Benefit Analysis Optional-07 3
14 ECO 614 Comprehensive and Viva Voce Compulsory 3




  1. a) Compulsory courses


There are six compulsory courses in MSS in Economics program besides the Comprehensive and Viva Voce (ECO-614). These courses include advanced topics on Microeconomics, Macroeconomics and Economic Growth, development and planning.


  1. b) Optional Courses


A Master’s student has to take five courses out of 7 optional courses. Though thesis is an optional course, we highly appreciate our students to take this course.


  1. c) Comprehensive and Viva Voce


Since the syllabus of a comprehensive exam comprises the contents of all the courses, students must have to go through and review all the subject matter of all the courses from MSS level. So he/she can recapitulate his/her knowledge and find out the link between them. The question of Comprehensive exam usually consists of different theories with real life application and recent economic issues, which motivates students to gather knowledge beyond textbooks and being updated about real life scenario. The Viva exam gives the opportunity to check the ability of graduates and gives them the flavor of real life job viva before entering the job market. After successful completion of all courses, students will be allowed to register for the course Comprehensive and Viva Voce (Eco-614).



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