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Download of Admit Cards for Final Exams of Summer 2021

Memo: SUB/REG-HO/Notice 2108/04 01

Date: August 04, 2021 

To:All concerned

Subject:  Download of Admit Cards for Final Exams of Summer 2021  

This is to inform the students and all concemed that the Final Exams of Summer 2021 will be held online from August 24, 2021 as per Academic calendar of the University. Students appearing the Exams will have to draw their Admit Cards by logging in to their respective portal in the University Website. Students will get entry for attending the exams only on display of their Admit Cards.

Students are advised to clear their tuition fees accordingly by August 22, 2021 the latest and down load their Admit Cards for Exams. The procedure to download the Admit card is as under: 

Online Admit Card Download Procedure:

Step 01: Go to

Step 02: From menu "Portal" click "Student Portal".

Step 03: Login with your Student ID & Password.

Step 04: Click on "Download Admit Card" from menu.

Step 05: Click on "Admit Card View" button.

Step 06: If due is cleared then click on "Download as pdf" else pay your dues and try again.

The teacher conducting exam will be able to see the students 'Admit Card' down load status and the financial dues status at his end. He will accordingly allow or deny students to attend the exam.

For Dept. Chairs Only : Please inform the teachers to convey the above to the students to sit for exams.

For Exam Office only: Please declare the schedule of Final Exams of Summer-2021 as per academic Calendar. 


Muhammad Abdul Matin



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