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Declaration of 25% General Waiver for Summer 2021.

Date  :   June 07, 2021

Ref    :   07062021/3           

From :   Office of the Accounts & Finance Division


To       :    All Students of All programs.


Subject:  Declaration of 25% General Waiver for Summer 2021.


The University authority has decided to declare 25% General Waiver for Summer 2021. Students who have already been availing waivers in any other form from before will get 10% waiver in addition to their granted waiver.

To avail this general waiver for Summer 2021, you will have to pay all your previous dues.


For any query regarding your dues, payment & others, please call the following Accounts office Numbers:  01923844167, 01783666437, 01321143637 and 01321143639 (10am – 5pm, working day).


Please stay safe and healthy.


Mohammad Motaher Hossain

Asst. Director Finance

Accounts & Finance Division


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