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Time extension of payment to enjoy 25% waiver on tuition fees of Spring 2021

Date  :   May 27, 2021

Ref    :   27052021/2           

From :   Office of the Accounts & Finance Division

To     :   Students of all programs


Sub   : Time extension of payment to enjoy 25% waiver on tuition fees of Spring 2021


This is to notify the students of all programs, that on consideration of the COVID-19 situation and for the benefit of students’ course registration, the authority has been pleased to extend the payment date up to 07 June, 2021 with offer as follows:


Spring    2021 –   25% waiver.


Please note that to enjoy 25% waiver on  tuition fees of Spring 2021, pay your tuition fees of Spring 2021 and previous dues (if any). This payment date will not be extended after said date for the above waiver.

Students will be able to pay their Tuition Fees any day at their suitable time 24/7 ( 24 hours & 7 days) through our Merchant Numbers without any fees /charges : 1. Bkash: 01737883508 2. Nogod: 01737883508 3. Rocket: Biller ID - 2001 4. NexusPay Apps. Students will be also able to pay through our Bank (DBBL Online A/C No. : 171.120.2443 & Sonali bank Online A/C No. # 1635202001012) on all bank days.


Any queries please call these Accounts office Numbers:  01923844167, 01783666437, 01321143637 and 01321143639.


Please stay fine and healthy.



Mohammad Motaher Hossain

Asst. Director Finance

Accounts & Finance Division


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