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Extension of Visa In proper time (All Foreign Students)

 Date March 8, 2021 
 Ref: SUB/FS5C-2103/08 338 (NT) 

To : All Foreign Students' 
From :Foreign Students' Service Cell (FSSC)

Subject: Extension of Visa In proper time.
Ref: Special Branch, Ref No-645/ SCO (Visa), Date: 04/03/2021 

All foreign students are hereby informed that they are not applying at the right time to extend their visa. For this reason, Bangladesh Special Branch Police has issued a notice that all foreign students who do not apply for extension of their visa on time will be objected for further extension of their visa and no excuse will be accepted. 

All foreign students are specially requested to apply for an extension of their visa well before it expires. 

Muhammad Abdul Matin 


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